How Do Jet Engines Work? Check Out This Collection of Cool Turbine Animation Videos.

How Do Jet Engines Work?

Jet Engines: One of the primary things we love about aviation here at Flyopia! Probably the most common question other than how do airplanes fly, is ‘how do jet engines work’? Well, here’s some good animation videos that answer that. Turbines are one of the coolest inventions on the planet.

Turbofan video animation: GE’s GEnx-2B Engine for the Boeing 747-8

Here’s a cool, and probably somewhat fictionalized animation of a jet engine, in color. Not sure which real engine it might be based on, but certainly seems like an older turbojet design:

This one is an amazingly good CAD model of a turbojet engine (up to the 1:03 mark…after that is a car, yawn). Again, unsure of basis in reality, but amazing detail.

A real jet engine animation, the CFM56.

Can you find better animations for how a jet engine works? Share yours in the comments!