Southwest Airlines’ Fighting Spirit

In an innocuous email to their Rapid Rewards members this week, Southwest Airlines reported recent delivery of their latest aircraft, the Boeing 737-800.  They aren’t the first to receive the 800/Max variant, but they are the largest single customer for Boeing.  Good news for Boeing.  The new variant has some great additions including design cues from the Boeing 777. The new planes have a more enjoyable cabin space with rounded ceilings and better lighting.  They also have larger overhead compartments.  (But do they include stars in the ceiling like the 777?…It was a nice touch when I was on one for a 14-hr flight.)

But none of that matters now, as Southwest is preparing for something…bigger.  No, not assigned seating.  Contained in their ‘Southwest in a Nutshell’ email-blast, was this:

The plane was named Warrior One in salute of Southwest Employees’ Warrior Spirit


Yes, Warrior Spirit.

Apparently this has been an internal slogan of theirs for a while, but I hadn’t heard of it until now.  While I’m sure it’s a great employee morale builder, I’ve been trying to decide how having a ‘Warrior Spirit’ might help the company from a customer service perspective?  Honestly, I can’t think of anything in my favor as a customer.  But here’s what I think their new uniforms will probably look like:

Possible New Southwest Warrior Uniform

And here is an image of what their new jets will probably look like:

Southwest Ain't Afraid to Cut A Price

And here perhaps is their soon to be new logo?



Warrior Image: farconville /

Southwest Warrior Jet:

Southwest stuff:

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