Missiles May Fall Flats in London

Startstreak Surface to Air Missile
Is This Your Missile?

The USA Today reports (through the AP) that a few London neighborhoods are being asked to host surface-to-air (SAM) missiles in certain spots throughout the city in anticipation of the 2012 Summer Olympic games. A few of these spots are likely to be on residents buildings. In particular a number of apartment buildings have been selected, so these probably won’t be on individual houses (the kids will be disappointed). Of course probably more concerning to a population that’s not used to a strong military presence such as Londoners, will in fact, be the strong military presence. But the British populous should take heart, because really this is part of the deterrent effort. Here’s why:

“The majority of this exercise will be played out in full view of the public and I hope that it will have a secondary effect of reassuring the British people that everything possible is being done to ensure this will be a safe and secure Olympic and Paralympic Games” -Defense Secretary Philip Hammond.

Another effect this might have on the public might be their question about whether hosting the Olympics was in fact a good idea.

There is no word on the type of missles, or how big the battery will be. Perhaps it will be the relatively small and light British Starstreak pictured above. I found that picture for this article and I was surprised that’s even real. Looks like a Hollywood prop.

(Pic Credits: wikipedia)