Every R/C Trick In the Book with Giant Scale Aircraft (Joe Smith, Day and Night Flying – Videos)

Joe Smith's 3D Flying
Joe Smith Does Not Fly Straight and Level

Here are a couple of amazing videos with R/C (radio controlled) pilot Joe Smith performing pretty much every ‘3D’ trick in the book.  I’ve seen some great R/C flying before, but this pretty much takes the cake.  Plus, these are not the model airplanes I remember as a kid.  These are huge.   These models also prove that the ‘proper’ thrust-to-weight ratio (and presumably rear-heavy CG) can enable a plane to do anything (sans passenger).  What also amazes me here is the torque control.  With such proportionally huge engines, I’m impressed with the ability of the pilot to counter high torque through low speed maneuvers and high throttle.

Joe Smith seems to be able to do it with ease.  And apparently he was 17 years old at the time of the video last year.  Pretty amazing.

Joe Smith
Joe Smith is quite an R/C pilot

Here’s Joe Smith’s website and his Youtube channel.  First, the day video from a South Carolina R/C fly-in called Joe Nall.  Then, a night video worth watching as well.

Here’s a night video of Smith flying some of those same moves.  It seems like the advancement of LED’s has changed the R/C landscape for night flying.  Perhaps more amazing, this large plane he’s flying seems to be all electric?  I wouldn’t have imagined anything in this video was possible in R/C when I was a kid.


(Thanks to Aaron for the tip!)