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Hypersonic X-51 Fails In Latest Test

X-51A Mach 5 Testing (wikipedia)

X-51A Mach 5 Testing (Source: Wikipedia)

AviationWeek is reporting that the latest trial of the X-51 hypersonic experimental aircraft has failed again.  This news has been confirmed by a number of sources.  Apparently one of the fins stabilizing the craft failed to function correctly, and the vehicle was lost over the Pacific.  The sad thing is that they were never able to even start the scramjet.  The USAF apparently has one prototype left, but they’re unsure whether they’ll fly it yet.  The test was an attempt to remedy the failure of last year which received much publicity.  It looks again like jetsetting American hamsters will have to wait longer for their x-51 enabled short hop to Tokyo.

Every R/C Trick In the Book with Giant Scale Aircraft (Joe Smith, Day and Night Flying – Videos)

Joe Smith's 3D Flying

Joe Smith Does Not Fly Straight and Level

Here are a couple of amazing videos with R/C (radio controlled) pilot Joe Smith performing pretty much every ‘3D’ trick in the book.  I’ve seen some great R/C flying before, but this pretty much takes the cake.  Plus, these are not the model airplanes I remember as a kid.  These are huge.   Continue reading

The 800 Pound Paper Airplane in the Room

In a feat of paper plane daring, MSNBC reports here that on March 21st, 2012, the world’s largest 800 pound gorilla of a paper airplane was launched in Arizona at the Pima Air & Space Museum.  Here’s the project page for it.  Protip: if you have a problem getting your paper airplane off the ground, use a helicopter.  Here’s video: Continue reading

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