Bruce Campbell’s 727 House in Oregon Is Not News (Anymore). Although Still Cool.



Great Find HuffPo. and CNN, for 1998!

The Latest from 1998

Bruce Campbell (not the actor from Burn Notice) is the owner of a Boeing 727 home, and he has been posting pics on his unique house since 2002.  Before that, the article you see here (in monochromatic splendor) is from the Maine Sun Journal, December 12, 1998.

Recently, (this week), the HuffPo via WTSP (through CNN) picked up the story and are running it like it’s new.  Yes, it’s cool.  But new, no. Not anymore.  They were scooped by 14 years in a paper news thingy.

Now, I guess they might claim that CNN was allowed to do a new video tour (maybe that’s news?), but really these should all be follow-up stories with titles like: “How Has Bruce Campbell Dealt With The Publicity Of His 727 House?”.  Or: “Campbell’s 14 Years Living In A Can.”  (Have some pun.)

Well, if these media outlets are not above such old news, I guess neither are we.  It’s still clickworthy.  Here’s an embedded re-post, of an embedded video (sorry it’s Flash):


Also not aviation news…

…but just as cool, if not cooler is a 727 hotel in Costa Rica (click to visit the article):

Costa Rica 727 Fusalage Hotel - Click To Go To Article
Bravo Hotel

Visit Campbells website here: (Where the top pictures came from.)

Visit the Costa Rica 727 fuselage hotel here: