American Doesn’t Like Bankruptcy, Does What Bankrupt Companies Do

Bankruptcy Apparently Not for Everyone

It’s probably the silliest aviation business article I’ve read in years.  In one of those attempts at in-depth travel reporting, the good people at USA Today published a Q&A piece with the new CEO of American Airlines, Thomas W. Horton.  Article here. The author David Koenig is credited as an Associated Press Airlines Writer, but USA Today printed it…so they should also get recognition.  The basis of the report is this:A company (American Airlines, ticker: AAMRQ.PK) doesn’t like being in bankruptcy.  This company, (the one that’s currently in bankruptcy but doesn’t like bankruptcy) replaced their old CEO with a new CEO at a Board of Directors meeting.   In an in-depth, one-on-one interview, the AP/USA Today author reveals these facts regarding the new CEO (based entirely on the new CEO’s own response):

  • Further details of Horton’s promotion were worked out by phone later that day.
  • Horton did not sleep well the night he was promoted.
  • Horton needs to lay off a lot of people.
  • He feels bad about that.
  • Horton pays no attention to the people he feels bad about.
  • Horton wants to make his company successful.
  • Horton is a marathon runner and over-achiever. (That last part is speculation.)

I’ve read a lot of business articles, but this one seems to be lacking…something.  I have no choice but to file it under:

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Notes:  I don’t grudge a writer for needing content and securing an interview with a major airline’s CEO.  Way to go Koenig!




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